Adventuring goes right in hand with traveling. When I travel, my trip is going to be filled with little adventures. As an adrenaline junkie, I’m a natural thrill seeker. As an outdoors kind of a gal, I love being away from people and encompassed by nature. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll adventure in a city and explore the sights, food, drinks that offer. The real adventure for me is trying those new things you’ve never done, like doing the 3rd highest bungy jump in Queenstown, embarking on a waterfall tour in the Dominican Republic, camping in the vast sculptured desert of Moab, Utah, hiking over the mountains to the other side of Naviti Island Fiji to visit a school for Fijian children, climbing 14k mountains in Colorado or visiting caves in Puerto Rico.

Way back when America was a brand new country, people didn’t have technology, books were rarer and scarcer, so what did people do? They foraged, they walked, they ran, they hiked, they fished, they played, they swam. It is part of human nature to challenge yourself, be active and learn about yourself along the way. Adventures also allow for the best photographic opportunities. The most adventurous photographers get epic images that not everyone can capture. I have never been one to be able to stay home all day, I get anxious and bored very quickly (my parents will confirm this). A day well-lived for me, is a one full of adventures!