What makes me different from other people is I was born with a severe-profound bi-lateral hearing loss. I wear hearing aids in both ears and mostly rely on lip reading to communicate. It is said when you lose a sense, your other senses become stronger. I believe in this because I use my eyes to make up for my hearing, whether it’s paying more attention to my surroundings or using visual clues instead of vocal or tonal cues to communicate. I think my loss of hearing has strengthened my photography because I’m using my eyes twice as much as you normal folks!

Being a hard of a hearing gal is who I am. I don’t know any different and I most likely never will. While it can be a bummer missing out on a lot of information this world gives, I pick up on other things that people might not notice. Believe it or not, being of hard of hearing has also opened up doors that I might not have had the chance to experience otherwise. I’m a Phonak hEARo, which is kind of like an ambassador for the company. It has been a privilege to try and inspire other like-abled people like me through my photography.