As it goes for a Professional Nomad, I am now ‘settling’ in a new corner of the United States.  My new place of interest is Bellingham, Washington, where I’m establishing roots, if you will.  After a wildlife, adventure packed summer in Juneau, AK, I hopped back on the Alaskan Ferry with my mom, pup and my things crammed into my tiny car.  One of the benefits of moving around for several years is that with each move, I find myself with less stuff.

We sat on the upper deck of the ferry, which navigated ever so smoothly in between narrow channels and around tiny islands.  Slowly, Alaska went by, as beautiful as ever and eventually retreated into the horizon. Two days later, we docked in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.  From there, we made our way through British Columbia with stops in Prince George, Whistler, Vancouver, Bellingham and finally, Seattle.  We were graced with pleasant weather and vibrant colors of yellows and oranges as the leaves changed seasons.  Canada is diverse, sparse, and amazingly eye-catching.

After traveling in Colorado for a couple of weeks, I flew back to Seattle, hopped into my car with the pup and we made our way to Olympia National Park.  We spent three days driving the loop of the peninsula to get a feel of our new state.  We drove, stopping for hikes, beaches and viewpoints.  Shelter was provided by my trusty tent and food was cooked via camp stove.  The simple life leaves you reflecting on the necessary and present.

Then we made our way to Bellingham.  It has been on my radar for about a year or two as living in a beautiful, highly-trafficked tourist area can have its drawbacks.  Bellingham attracted me with its abundance of outdoors activities and central location of having the rainforest, ocean, mountains, glaciers, country all within a days drive.  The population and small city-like vibes presented potential opportunities for me to grow with my photography and video.  So here I am.

So far, Bellingham has me conversing with interesting humans, exploring new scenery, venturing to live music and getting ready for the snowfall of Baker.  While it’s proving to be somewhat difficult leaving my photography presence in Colorado, I’m striving to re-establish here. I have dreams and goals of expanding my skills, creating a bigger presence and challenging myself.  With moving over 20 times the past 4 years, I’m somewhat ready to ‘settle’ (big word, I know!) and make Bellingham my homebase for traveling and work.  But don’t worry, I still have many many plans to travel and Bham is a great hub for the directions I want to go.

Here’s a lil of what I’ve been up too. Let’s go shoot!