Jaime was born and raised outside of Philadelphia. With snowboarding as her greatest love and the desire to snowboard different mountains, she was led into the nomadic world at a young age.  Jaime was also born with a bilateral severe-profound hearing loss which meant learning to adapt in the hearing world.  Her hearing loss bred an addiction to overcoming challenges and ultimately enabled Jaime to chase a wealthy life of experience.

After high school, she moved to New Hampshire to study Film Production and Communications.  A semester abroad in New Zealand changed her life with new experiences, new sights and a return home with a fiery passion to see the world.  Four years later, she headed West to Wyoming for a summer on a guest ranch where she saved up to buy her first Canon.  Ever since then, she has followed the path in photography with different opportunities and experiences that have allowed her to grow her craft.  She lived in Colorado for four years, spent time in Puerto Rico, Alaska and now resides in Bellingham, Washington.

Professional Resume

As an extremely visual person, I naturally see a picture in things without a camera. Before embarking for a semester abroad in New Zealand, my father offered to let me take his DSLR overseas. With a book explaining the aspects of photography, the country’s beauty before my eyes and the tool for freezing life’s moments, I set out to capture the world as it was. You’ll always find me chasing for adventure, a new scene, and to see as much of Earth’s diversity as possible.