Jaime was born and raised outside of Philadelphia. With snowboarding as her greatest love, she set out to chase mountains at a very young age.  She competed regionally and nationally with snowboarding which led to her saving up for her first trip west to Mt Hood for snowboard camp. After high school, she attended Keene State College in NH to receive a Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a minor in Communications. Her junior year of college, she studied abroad in Wellington, New Zealand where she picked up photography and deepened her love for traveling. After graduating college, she worked on a guest ranch in Wyoming for a summer and saved up to buy her first Canon.  Currently, her home base is Bellingham, Washington where she resides when she is not wandering.

Professional Resume

As an extremely visual person, I naturally see a picture in things without a camera. Before embarking for a semester abroad in New Zealand, my father offered to let me take his DSLR overseas. With a book explaining the aspects of photography, the country’s beauty before my eyes and the tool for freezing life’s moments, I set out to capture the world as it was. You’ll always find me chasing for adventure, a new scene, and to see as much of Earth’s diversity as possible.